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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Feb 9, 2015

Stories covered in this week's episode include:

Depak Chopra and Tony Robbins think that AIDS is a state of mind

Iceland builds a temple to Norse gods

Mormon nutters commit suicide for fear of the Apocalypse

One of Fox's idiots claims no one's ever died in the name of Christianity

Ken Ham butthurt over Carnival cruise line ad

Human remains found near areas inhabited by Neanderthals in Israel

Christian "I Ching" dedicated to the Virgin Mary found

Taiwanese fishermen find bone which could belong to a previously unknown human ancestor

Utah lawmaker is unsure if having sex with someone who's unconscious constitutes rape

SC representative asks judges "What's your relationship with Gawd?"

TN again denies healthcare to the poor, because the government is "Teh Ebil"

London mayor, Boris Johnson, says if you're spanking it to porn, you're a terrorist

Vermonters think Latin means "Mexican" and "illegal alien"

And politicians argue over manditory vaccination

Full show notes, with links will be up a tomorrow

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