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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Sep 14, 2015

Show notes are here.  Apologies for some of the weird noises in the background, but Fuzznuts found something particularly interesting outside the window and kept pawing frantically trying to get at it.  This is a jam packed news episode with stories on NuJudaism, crane accident leaves 100+ dead in Mecca, more butthurt from Ken Ham, Stone Age cooking tips, possible burial place for one of Jesus' disciples found at the bottom of a lake, more details about the "Gospel of Jesus' Wife" are released, giant Aztec skull rack found, folks at a German homeopathic confrence get dosed with a hallucinagenic drug and call for paramedics, massive hominid fossil find in Africa, climate change denier, Monty Burns Rupert Murdoch, buys National Geographic, Kim Davis gets slapped around by the courts, and much, much more!