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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Nov 4, 2015

Show notes will be up tomorrow night.  Topics covered in this week's episode:

Scientology loses its tax exempt status in the Netherlands

How do you bury interfaith couples?

A secular Bangladeshi publisher murdered, and 3 others severely injured in hate crime attack.

A live exorcism was performed on TV.

Ken Ham thinks we should all be naked.

A dead comet passes close to the Earth

DIY 3D food printer for $600

3D printed teeth fight tooth decay

Scientists aid online piracy

Its now legal to hack the software in your car.

10,000+ year old frozen cave lion cubs found

No, your cat isn't plotting to kill you

IMF predicts the Saudis will be bankrupt by 2020

Mike Tyson backs Trump

Obamacare cuts uninsured rates everywhere but the South