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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Sep 5, 2016

Show notes can be found here:

In this episode, America and I talk about Pope Francis and Catholic sex scandals, Nazis hidden by the Vatican, the Black Death, and tacos.

almost eight years ago

Best guest ever!

I bet you could do a Kick Starter for an Auschwitz Theme Park. Ride the box car train with no heat or sanitary facilities through the snow covered Rocky Mountains to eventually arrive at some isolated area where you can experience the full effect of the warm and welcoming ovens. Overnight accommodations in the realistic concentration camps can be acquired for a nominal fee. Blankets and food are provided on a first come first serve basis. Please leave your jewelry, watches, and glasses with the security guard at the train station. Gold crowns or other dental work made of precious metals will be removed at no extra cost. Bars of soap with your favorite ethnic name carved on it may be purchased at the gift shop. All proceeds go to the Catholic Church Document Forgery Fund. Make your reservation for the entire family today!