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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Jul 15, 2019

Show notes are here:

No Pistis Sophia this week, I thought that they martyrdom of Willem Van Spronsen was more important than some dusty...

Jul 8, 2019

Apologies for the audio problems, not sure what happened.  Did my best to correct them, but it's still a little wonky, I'm afraid.

Jul 1, 2019

Show notes can be found here:

This week, Seamus from the Free Thought Prophet podcast helps me read from the Pistis Sophia.  Why?  Because you touch yourself at night!  That's...

Jun 24, 2019

A bit of a recap of what I did on my podcasting sabbatical, and at the end, Lord Squeakington makes an appearance!  Show notes can be found here:

May 25, 2019

I've got some potentially very good news, folks!