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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Aug 4, 2014

News stories include:  How much do Christians donate to churches?  Nutjob preacher predicts Christians will soon be rounded up and killed.  Pakistani mob murders babies because of "blasphemous" Facebook posting.  British MP wants doctors to try astrology.  TX police department gets busting for trying to put "God back in schools."  Alabama politician says, "If God didn't want us to burn coal, why'd he bury it in the ground?"  1,000,000 year old stone tools found in Africa.  Archaeologists find 3,500 year old astronomical markings in Peru.  3D printed space probes.  African hackers build 3D printer for $75.  Scientist fired for saying fossil proves Young Earth Creationism.  For links, see the shownotes blog at


A big shout out to the folks over at The Scathing Atheist podcast!