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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Nov 26, 2014

In this episode we cover a bicycle powered centrifuge to help medical personnel in developing nations, a composting toilet built out of scrap lumber, a rammed earth school, talking books, followed by more discoveries at that mysterious Grecian tomb, a 3D printed car, the 3D printer on the ISS, Catholic bishops warn...

Nov 21, 2014

Here's the episode I promised, with not one, but TWO chapters from Doane's book.  Editing's a little rough on this one.  I'm a bit tired, but I wanted to get this up now, since I'd promised to post it on Sunday, and didn't get to it until now.  I'm dogged tired, so I'll get the show notes up tomorrow.

Nov 16, 2014

This episode features my interview with Dr. Robert M. Price of the Bible Geek Podcast and the Human Bible Podcast.  The audio quality isn't the best as we had to do the interview over the phone, but its not so bad that its hard to listen to.  Its a bit longer than the usual episode, but well worth a listen.  I'd like to...

Nov 10, 2014

At long last, another news episode!  Topics covered in this week's episode include:

Fun with voting!  (Or not.)

Tibetan monks build artificial glacier

Ethiopia poised to lead green revolution

Saudi Arabia STILL denies women the right to drive

ISIS releases a cookbook

Followers of John the Baptist flee genocide in...

Nov 3, 2014

Yup.  Still no internet.  AT&T is supposed to come out and hook up a connection on Tuesday, since Comcast can't be bothered to fix my problem.  We'll see how it goes.  Any way, this episode has me complaining about the local politics of the area.  At the end of the podcast I announce that I'm holding a contest for...