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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Feb 23, 2015

Show notes will be up tomorrow evening, as its way past my bed time.


Stories covered in this episode include (but are not limited to):

Building houses in Pakistan

65% of Africa's ariable land is worthless

Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinos?

Singapore prints cars

Alabama Supreme Court Judge is a racist and a bigot


Feb 15, 2015

The updated show notes for the episode can be found here.  I posted them last night, then as I was editing the podcast, realized I needed to add some more information, so if you looked at them before you downloaded this podcast, you'll probably want to check them again.

This episode I read from Chapter 24 of TW Doane's...

Feb 9, 2015

Stories covered in this week's episode include:

Depak Chopra and Tony Robbins think that AIDS is a state of mind

Iceland builds a temple to Norse gods

Mormon nutters commit suicide for fear of the Apocalypse

One of Fox's idiots claims no one's ever died in the name of Christianity

Ken Ham butthurt over Carnival cruise...

Feb 1, 2015

A slightly shorter episode this week.  Show notes for this episode can be found here.  This episode mainly deals with the appearance of Jesus before his disciples after the resurrection, and probable sources for these stories.  Thanks for...