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The Atheist in the Trailer Park

Oct 26, 2015

Click here for show notes for this episode.  This episode is part 3 of the chapter on Pagan influences on Christianity from TW Doane's Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions.  Part 1 can be found here.  Part 2 can be found here.  This section of the chapter covers early Church fathers admitting that...

Oct 18, 2015

Show notes can be found here:

I am still too sick to record an episode, so I've merged two episodes of my other podcast together.  I should be well enough by next week to be able to record a new episode by...

Oct 15, 2015

Just a bit of heads up that there might not be an episode this week due it being so difficult for me to breathe at the moment.

Oct 12, 2015

Show notes can be found here:


This episode is a little heavy on the politics, but the story about the orgasmic mushrooms and kids getting prosthetics that are as cool as anything you've seen in a movie are worth a...

Oct 5, 2015

Show notes can be found here:

A bit shorter than usual, but even if I went for a full hour on the subject, we'd have at least one or two more episodes to go before I finished this...