An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0005 -- Suffer the Little Children

Sorry I don't have time to put the links in here, but I'm two days behind putting this out, and if I took the time to put the links in, it'd probably be another two days before I got this posted.  Its been a busy week, you can hear how tired I was when I recorded this.

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Episode 0004 Baby Killin', Tall Towers, and Big Dicks!

In order to keep the lengths down to an hour long or so, I'm going to alternate between doing a news episode and reading from Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Regions.  In this episode, we cover chapters 3 -5 which deal with child sacrifice (What exactly was Abraham up to when he took Isaac out?), the Tower of Babel, and how Jacob's dream about angels climbing a ladder is about reincarnation and penis worship.  You can download an ebook version of Bible Myths for free here.  The section of Judges which deals with child sacrifice can be found here.  If you need more information on baby killin' you might want to read up on Moloch.  And for the dick worshipping, here ya go.  


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Episode 0003 The "I'm STILL Sick Goddamn It!" Edition

Find us on Facebook!  In the news:  Gitmo detainees to use Hobby Lobby decision to protest lack of communal prayer during Ramadan.  3D printing aids where prayer doesn't. 3D printing aids diabetics with foot problems.  Finish reading chapter 1 and 2 of Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions by TW Doane.  Ancient Mexican skull provides clues to origins of Native Americans.  Expert on Flood Story on finding oldest version.

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