An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.

Sorry for the delay, but my internet is out because Comcast blows dead bears.

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A news episode at last!  I must admit that I got a bit ranty in the beginning of the episode.  You can find links to the news articles along with contact info for the show in the show notes.  Sorry I don't have time to put them here, but I'm tired and need to get this episode posted tonight.  You'll get another episode tomorrow, it'll be a Bible Myths episode, and I may get out a second news episode tomorrow as well.

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Episode 0011 Kentucky Ham's Bigoted Bones

Archeologists in Greece discover massive tomb which dates from 325-300 BC and may have connections to Alexander the Great.

Italian tomb with paintings which look like they're by Neil Gaiman.

Indian province running low on priests as people forgo religion to make money.

Ken Ham's Ark Encounter engages in illegal hiring practices and has ties to a racist organization.

Jordan's LGBT community worries about the possibility of growing intolerance in a region gripped by violence.

1848 The Year of Revolutions in Europe

Allied efforts to sabotage Norwegian heavy water production in WW II

World's first 3D printed vertebra implanted in a 12 year old boy.

Mind blowing 3D printed chess set.

Two teenage Indian girls commit suicide after months of sexual harassment.

Ohio law maker has issue with the scientific method being taught in school.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Rugged bicycles for Africa

Simple adapter turns bicycles into a power source for the poor.

99 year old woman works to sew 1,000 dresses for young girls in Africa.


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This episode is a bit of a long one, I'm afraid.  It clocks in at an hour and twenty minutes and tells the story of Samson, the strong man, and how he's most likely a sun god from an earlier religious tradition that has been adapted by the writer of the book of Judges to a heroic figure.


This episode also has some listener email, from a listener in Taiwan who's started a couple of atheist groups in the city where he lives.


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Episode 0008 The Ten Commandments and News Bits

This episode covers chapter 7 of TW Doane's Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions, which deals with the 10 Commandments.  Its only about 30 minutes worth of material, so the rest of the episode consists of news stories.  Think of it as a bonus news episode, rather than being deprived of more of Doane's work.  Show notes can be found at

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Episode 0007 Alabama's Coal Powered Jebus!

News stories include:  How much do Christians donate to churches?  Nutjob preacher predicts Christians will soon be rounded up and killed.  Pakistani mob murders babies because of "blasphemous" Facebook posting.  British MP wants doctors to try astrology.  TX police department gets busting for trying to put "God back in schools."  Alabama politician says, "If God didn't want us to burn coal, why'd he bury it in the ground?"  1,000,000 year old stone tools found in Africa.  Archaeologists find 3,500 year old astronomical markings in Peru.  3D printed space probes.  African hackers build 3D printer for $75.  Scientist fired for saying fossil proves Young Earth Creationism.  For links, see the shownotes blog at


A big shout out to the folks over at The Scathing Atheist podcast!

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Hi, I'm drunk.  I think that everything I've mentioned should show up, somehow, in the various versions of this that I've done.  If not, then Google it, and you'll get the answer in a couple of seconds.  Please remember that Professor Fuzznuts Jr., loves you and blesses you!  I'll have a new episode up some time this weekend.

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Episode 0004 Baby Killin', Tall Towers, and Big Dicks!

In order to keep the lengths down to an hour long or so, I'm going to alternate between doing a news episode and reading from Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Regions.  In this episode, we cover chapters 3 -5 which deal with child sacrifice (What exactly was Abraham up to when he took Isaac out?), the Tower of Babel, and how Jacob's dream about angels climbing a ladder is about reincarnation and penis worship.  You can download an ebook version of Bible Myths for free here.  The section of Judges which deals with child sacrifice can be found here.  If you need more information on baby killin' you might want to read up on Moloch.  And for the dick worshipping, here ya go.  


You can follow the show on Twitter @TPARKATHEIST, its on Facebook, and you can email me at: TRAILERPARKATHEIST@GMAIL.COM

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