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Episode 0018 The Archbishop and the Porn Collection

Okay a shorter episode tonight, I'll be back with a full length episode next week.

More details on the Grecian tomb mentioned in episode 11 emerge.

Trailer for documentary about Babylonian Flood myth which pre-dates Noah by a couple thousand years.

Boko Haram still running amok in Africa

Map of ebola outbreaks.

Top Liberian health official potentially exposed to ebola.

Many in Liberia worry that this could reignite civil war within the country.

Priest caught with 145K+ child porn images on his computer.

HP planning on 3D printing glass.

Plastic lenses are already being 3D printed.

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A short episode since I'm running out of storage space this month.  Show notes and contact information can be found here.

Stories include: Kentucky senate candidate has anti-semitic campaign slogan, Hobby Lobby ruled used to justify silence in child labor case, Americans want more religion in their politics, not less, and Ken Ham to headline rascist gathering.


Thanks for listening!

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Episode 0016: The Miraculous Birth of Christ Part 1

The second news episode will have to wait until Wednesday, I'm afraid.

Show notes and contact info can be found here.


This a bit of tough episode to chew through, I'll be the first to admit, and Doane really hammers away at the fact that there's nothing unique about Jesus' supposed virgin birth.

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A news episode at last!  I must admit that I got a bit ranty in the beginning of the episode.  You can find links to the news articles along with contact info for the show in the show notes.  Sorry I don't have time to put them here, but I'm tired and need to get this episode posted tonight.  You'll get another episode tomorrow, it'll be a Bible Myths episode, and I may get out a second news episode tomorrow as well.

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Episode 0014 Who Wrote the Old Testament Part Two

Think of this episode like unfastening a bra strap:  Tough to do, but the reward is so, so worth it.  Its tough to process everything (and the fact that 19th Century English could be unnecessarily obtuse doesn't help matters), but it lays out the history of when the books of the Old Testament were written, and the influence that the Babylonians and others had on Old Testament books.

On a related topic, I discuss noted scholar, Irving Finkel, and his book about discovering the oldest known version of the Flood myth The Ark Before Noah.  There's supposed to be a BBC documentary based on the book, if anyone knows if its available, please let me know.

Here's the plum ketchup recipe I mentioned.  As I said, you'll want to add corn starch to thicken it up.  Here's the BBQ sauce recipe I made with the plum ketchup.  I didn't use the standard Tabasco sauce, but the Smoked Chipotle variety.  Best BBQ sauce I've ever made.

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I'll give you a hint, it wasn't Moses!  Sorry for the delay, but I've had a bit of a hectic week, and couldn't get an episode finished until now.  I'm wore out, so the show notes will have to wait until tomorrow.

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Episode 0012 Jonah Gets Circumcised!

A bit of a bonus episode this week!  I read chapters 9 and 10 of Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions.  Chapter 9 talks about Jonah as a sun god, along with figures from Hindu mythology, as well as Little Red Riding Hood being a sun goddess.  Little Golden Hood is a variant on the story of Little Red Riding Hood that you might not be familiar with.

Chapter 10 deals with the practice of circumcision and how it wasn't unique to the Jews.  Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex

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Episode 0011 Kentucky Ham's Bigoted Bones

Archeologists in Greece discover massive tomb which dates from 325-300 BC and may have connections to Alexander the Great.

Italian tomb with paintings which look like they're by Neil Gaiman.

Indian province running low on priests as people forgo religion to make money.

Ken Ham's Ark Encounter engages in illegal hiring practices and has ties to a racist organization.

Jordan's LGBT community worries about the possibility of growing intolerance in a region gripped by violence.

1848 The Year of Revolutions in Europe

Allied efforts to sabotage Norwegian heavy water production in WW II

World's first 3D printed vertebra implanted in a 12 year old boy.

Mind blowing 3D printed chess set.

Two teenage Indian girls commit suicide after months of sexual harassment.

Ohio law maker has issue with the scientific method being taught in school.

Foundation Beyond Belief

Rugged bicycles for Africa

Simple adapter turns bicycles into a power source for the poor.

99 year old woman works to sew 1,000 dresses for young girls in Africa.


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