An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0039: Here Comes the Robot Jebus!

Show notes will be up tomorrow evening, as its way past my bed time.


Stories covered in this episode include (but are not limited to):

Building houses in Pakistan

65% of Africa's ariable land is worthless

Did Dark Matter Kill the Dinos?

Singapore prints cars

Alabama Supreme Court Judge is a racist and a bigot

Penis stones found in Israel

You're better off in Ancient Egypt, than you are working at Walmart

NASA plans to send a probe to Europa

And much, much more!

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Episode 0038 Upskirt Pics of Jebus

The updated show notes for the episode can be found here.  I posted them last night, then as I was editing the podcast, realized I needed to add some more information, so if you looked at them before you downloaded this podcast, you'll probably want to check them again.

This episode I read from Chapter 24 of TW Doane's Bible Myths and Their Parallels in other religions, which talks about the Second Coming of Jesus and the New Millenium said to follow his return.  I also talk about my guest appearance (assuming all went well) on the Bar Room Atheist Podcast with Heretic Woman from the Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast.  And I go "cat fishing" for Professor Fuzznuts.


Thanks for listening!

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Episode 0037: I Thought We Were Living in the Future

Stories covered in this week's episode include:

Depak Chopra and Tony Robbins think that AIDS is a state of mind

Iceland builds a temple to Norse gods

Mormon nutters commit suicide for fear of the Apocalypse

One of Fox's idiots claims no one's ever died in the name of Christianity

Ken Ham butthurt over Carnival cruise line ad

Human remains found near areas inhabited by Neanderthals in Israel

Christian "I Ching" dedicated to the Virgin Mary found

Taiwanese fishermen find bone which could belong to a previously unknown human ancestor

Utah lawmaker is unsure if having sex with someone who's unconscious constitutes rape

SC representative asks judges "What's your relationship with Gawd?"

TN again denies healthcare to the poor, because the government is "Teh Ebil"

London mayor, Boris Johnson, says if you're spanking it to porn, you're a terrorist

Vermonters think Latin means "Mexican" and "illegal alien"

And politicians argue over manditory vaccination

Full show notes, with links will be up a tomorrow

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 0036: Zombie Jebus and Other Gawds Part 2

A slightly shorter episode this week.  Show notes for this episode can be found here.  This episode mainly deals with the appearance of Jesus before his disciples after the resurrection, and probable sources for these stories.  Thanks for listening.

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