An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0097: Christianity is Funny

Show notes will be up tomorrow evening, but hang on to your hats, we're in for a wild ride!  This episode wraps up the 'Conclusion' chapter in Doane's book fairly early, so I round out the episode by covering some news stories.  One of which, I have to say, dovetails nicely into the theory that Antigonus II Mattathias was the source for the myth of Christ.

I will also apologize for some audio weirdness, as that was caused both by my having to record this in different parts, and well, my laughing hysterically at some of the things which Doane says in the chapter.  Trust me, you'll have to hear them to believe how funny they are.

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Episode 0096:  Frankie Goes to Lesbos

Show notes will be up tomorrow.  In this episode I talk about Pope Francis going to Lesbos and bringing 6 kids back with him, laser powered space ships, Neanderthal men dying out, Ted Cruz being ignored, and more!

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Episode 0095: The Throbbing Age of Jebus

Show notes will be up tomorrow evening.  This episode is part 2 of the chapter of Bible Myths entitled "Conclusion."  You'll hear me pounding on the desk a lot in this episode, because there's a number of things which Doane talks about that screams to me, at least, that Jesus never existed, but doesn't inspire the same thought in Doane for some reason.

There's at least one more episode of this chapter to come.  Still, even with Doane's mistakes, there's a lot to be learned from it.

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Episode 0094: Its Worse Than You Know

Show notes can be found here:


This episode I cover discovery of Japanese bones could rewrite our understanding of human nature, Hobbits older than previously thought, CRISPR technique used to treat HIV patients, measles in CA, lots of new anti-LGBT laws in the US, TN wants to make the Bible its state book, and more.

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