An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0064: No Rest for the Buggering Duggar

Show notes will be up tomorrow evening.  In this episode I talk about Josh Duggar's latest scandal (and how it probably won't be the last), arrests in the case of a murdered blogger in Bangladesh, the death of an archbishop who had a large child porn collection, the discovery of an ancient Spartan palace, our ancestors enjoyed carbs, and Sarah Palin's interview with Donald Trump.

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Show notes are here.  A bit shorter episode than usual, because the chapter didn't quite fill out the hour.  In this chapter, Doane reveals the Christian church copied the idea for Christmas from other religions, and that similar such celebrations are found on Dec. 25th in even societies which never heard of Christianity.   I also rant about my idiot roommate's stupidity, and give a brief update on Beth from The Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast, as she recovers from a stroke.  To donate to help Beth, please click here.

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Episode 0062: My Interview With Callie Wright

Show notes for this episode.  This week I interview the lovely and charming Callie Wright from the Gaytheist Manifesto podcast.  We talked about some of the issues facing those in the trans community, such as the high rate of suicide, discrimination, and the struggle for recognition.  I also got Callie to open up about something that's very important to her, that she's never talked about on a podcast before.

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Episode 0061: Christian Symbols

Show notes can be found here. This finishes up the chapter on Christian symbols, with Doane talking about the cross in pre-Columbian Americas, the XP symbol in Constantine's standard, the trefoil, triangle, the shamrock, the fish, and the serpent(!).  Since its a shorter section, I also cover two news stories.  One on the death of yet another atheist blogger in Bangladesh and the discovery that Shakespeare liked to toke.

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Special Announcement Cause I'm an Idiot!

The guys who're getting ready to launch the Atheist Apocalypse podcast had asked me to insert their promo into one of my episodes, but like an idiot, I kept forgetting to do that, so here's the podcast, along with an update on Beth's GoFundMe campaign, to help her take care of her bills in the wake of her having had a mild stroke.

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Episode 0060: Old, Fat, Bitter, and Bald

Show notes can be found here.  A bit of a disjointed episode as I'm tired from baking in the hot sun for the past two days.  GoFundMe campaign for Beth from the Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast who recently had a stroke.  Topics covered include, but are not limited, KY snake handler gets his Darwin Award, preacher is suing for the "right" be abusive to LGBTQI youth in jail, Mike Huckabee makes an ass of himself, agriculture might have first begun some 23K years ago, and more.

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