An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0035: And Here Come the Idiots

Its a really big one this week.

Topics covered include Pope challenged to UFC fight, new 'documentary' features Mike Huckabee (and no brown people), MN archdiocese files bankruptcy, Tea Party idol cheats on her husband at a "family values" conference, Texans upset about peaceful Muslims, Orthodox Jews remove women from photos, British paper responds by removing men from photos, Salvadoran woman begs for pardon after she has miscarrage, Canadian girl who opted for 'natural' medicine over science dies from a disease which is easily treatable, and more.  Full show notes can be found here.

And if you haven't checked out the 'Unbuckling the Bible Belt' podcast, you might want to give it a listen.  Thanks for listening!

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Real Episode 0034: Zombie Jebus and Other Gawds Part 1

I screwed up the numbering on the last episode, and this episode is really number 34, not the last one.  Anyway, in this episode, I read part of the Chapter XXIII Jesus, the Resurrection and Ascention into Heaven from Doane's Bible Myths.  Its a bit longer than usual, and I didn't even get the whole chapter completed, so you'll just have to be in suspenders until the next time I read from Bible Myths.

Show notes, and links to various versions of Doane's book can be found here:

For those of you playing the drinking game for everytime Doane writes "Christ Jesus" the total is 14 drinks for this episode.


Questions, comments, and suggestions can be sent to

Thanks for listening!

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Episode 0034 Man, Is Tucker Cranky or What?

I want to thank everyone for their expressions of sympathy after the passing of my uncle.  It really helped hearing from all of you during such a difficult time.  I'm a bit bitchier than usual in this news episode, so consider yourselves warned.

Some of the stories I cover include things like gun nuts, terrorism, IFLS getting a case of the stoopids, along with Discovery News having a similar case of the stoopids, Russia banning transgendered people from driving, and much, much, more.

I've also submitted the Bootstrapping the Planet podcast to iTunes, so for those of you who liked that segment, it should be available on iTunes in a few days.  Show notes will be posted tomorrow.  I'd do it tonight, but it took me about 3 hours to edit this episode and I'm tired, so I'm going to bed.

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Death in the Family

Just a brief message to let you know that because I've had a death in the family there will be no episode this week.  Next week's episode might be delayed, depending upon if I'm able to go home for the funeral.

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