An Atheism related podcast hosted by a guy and his cat. I cover news stories and read from the Biblical Apocrypha as well as fend off attacks from my cat.
Episode 0055: Glub, Glub!  Jebus in Your Tub!

This week I read from TW Doane's chapter entitled 'Baptism,' and this leads to infant mortality rates from circumcision in both modern and ancient times, as well as finally explaining what The Book of Mormon (and other religious texts) mean by the phrase "baptism by fire."  Suffice it to say, that baptism pre-dates Christianity, and even Judaism by a good number of years.  Its not even a ritual unique to the Mid-East or Asia, but was found in the Americas and other nations long before the Christians showed up.  Professor Fuzznuts also makes numerous appearances in the episode as he begs me for attention.

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Gay Marriage Special!

Since I've already recording the next episode, and today's ruling by SCOTUS is pretty freaking huge, I figured I'd put out this short bit, which features the butthurt reaction of certain Christian conservatives to SCOTUS dragging the US into the 21st Century.  I'll have a regular episode up on Sunday, which is my reading from TW Doane's Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions.

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Episode 0054: Who's Afraid of the "R-Word"?

Show notes can be found here.  In this episode I rant about the latest mass killing in America, then I move on to happier subjects like dog mummies, bishop mummies, 3D printed plane parts, volcanoes on other planets, and more.

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Episode 53: Eatin' Some Jebus!

Apologies for the rough edit, but I was a bit pressed for time.  In this episode I read from chapter 30 of Doane's Bible Myths which talks about the origins of the eucharist (spoiler alert, it pre-dates Jebus by at least 100 years, and probably stems from the time when agricultural societies first began making bread and beer).  No show notes this week, as there really wasn't anything to look up and link to.

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Episode 0052: A Dino Named Hellboy

Show notes can be found here.  A slight correction to something I said on the podcast the number of passengers who died on the MS St. Louis was at least 30 percent.  In this episode I cover most of Malala's attackers being freed, Muck Huckabee distances himself from the Duggars, Pluto's moons are pretty funky, a newly discovered dinosaur is nicknamed "Hellboy," Ken Ham attacks NASA astronaut John Glenn, Buddhists attacking Muslims, Glenn Beck has 10,000 preachers ready to die, and more!  Thanks for listening.

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Episode 0051: Christ vs Buddha, Round 2

Once again, I'm joined by the loverly Heretic Woman from the Beyond the Trailer Park Podcast as we finish up chapter 29 of TW Doane's "Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions."  Jesus gets his ass whupped, BTW.

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